Windy, Cold.

Cold Northwesterly Flow of Air Today and Tonight

A brief but fairly intense shot of cold air pushed into the area overnight and will remain in place through the day today and into tonight. Temperatures will struggle to climb today despite a fair amount of sunshine…with readings only topping out between 30 and 35F (a solid 10F below the average for the date). However, a strong and gusty northwest wind (occasionally gusting in excess of 40 mph through the morning hours) will make things feel noticeably colder and quite uncomfortable at times.

Today’s windy and cold conditions will lead into another cold night tonight, with temperatures falling to the upper 10s and lower 20s across most of the Cape (parts of the Lower and Outer Cape may hold closer to 25F with a busy wind persisting overnight).

If you aren’t a fan of the biting cold, you’ll enjoy the extended forecast. Today’s cold northwest wind will become a mild westerly and then southerly breeze over the course of the second half of the work week. Readings will climb into the 40s on Thursday and jump into the 50s on Friday (unfortunately, the end of week mild air will be accompanied by plenty of rain and another round of strong winds).

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