Cool and Quiet Today

Chilly Temps This Morning.

After another soaking rain to close out 2018 and kick off the first few hours of 2019, skies cleared out Tuesday morning and we got to enjoy quite a mild day. Temperatures soared as sunshine emerged and gusty west winds downsloped off the hills of interior Southern New England. Readings topped out in the upper 50s to lower 60s (!) around the Cape…giving us a short-lived taste of October in early January.

Tuesday’s gusty west wind shifted to the north overnight and dragged some colder, more seasonable, air southward into the area. Temperatures fell to the upper 20s and lower 30s by this morning and will have a tough time rising through the day today…generally topping out in the middle 30s around the area.

Clouds will return tonight in response to a weather system approaching the region from the west (actually two…one from the southwest and one from the northwest) and we’ll get a brief round of light precipitation very late tonight into the first part of Thursday. Initially, things might be cold enough for a period of flurries or light snow…but the majority of the upcoming event will be some light rain.

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