Snow Squalls and Damaging Wind Gusts Possible Wednesday Evening

An arctic cold front will plow eastward through New England on Wednesday and slip offshore Wednesday evening. Behind the front, bitterly cold air will pour into the region, sending temperatures to the single digits and teens Wednesday night through Thursday night.

The approach and passage of this frontal zone will be very much like that of a summertime cold front, with a thin but distinct line of heavy precipitation, gusty winds and a sharp temperature drop.

There are two main concerns:

  1. High Winds – As the front moves through the area, a strong low level jet will pass overhead (a corridor of much stronger winds higher in the sky). At the same time that happens, the temperature change with height will increase markedly, resulting in a very unstable deep “mixed layer” of air. This steep lapse rate environment will tap strong winds from aloft and drive them downward to the ground, bringing a short-lived but intense period of wind. Gusts over 50 mph are a good bet and it’s not out of the question that some spots gust to 60 or even 65 mph briefly. The period of concern is from about 4PM to 8PM.
  2. Intense Snow Squalls – The incoming arctic front will produce a fast-moving line of flurries, snow showers and embedded intense snow squalls. This activity will pass across Southern New England from west to east during the afternoon and early evening hours. It’s tough to say where the heaviest activity will be focused but it’s likely that a few locations in Eastern Massachusetts, including here on the Cape and on the Islands, see a burst of heavy snow resulting in near whiteout conditions…possible thunder and lightning….and a very quick inch or two of snow. Should this materialize as expected, travel conditions would be very difficult for a short-time.

Simulated Radar Image for Wednesday Afternoon.


  1. Hey Phil, What happened too your 5 day forecast…? I always look forward too seeing that everyday before i go to work. Are you changing or updating the graphics on it…? In any case, i would love too see it back again on this website ASAP. Since i feel your the best Cape weather forecaster we currently have. That all said, please email me back at the address i provided for you in the field box. As too when you plan on bringing it back again. Thanks.

    1. Hey Phil, I still haven’t heard from ya…? What’s going on with the 5 day forecast…? Is the new format your using now…? Please get back too your supporters so we know what’s going on. I’ve had a few co-workers that have expressed the same concerns as me. Don’t leave us hanging buddy your the only forecaster we can rely on down here. Plus, you don’t have any formal email address for folks too communicate with you besides these comment boxes. So if you could put that contact info up somewhere on this website for all of us. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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