Cold and Dry

Arctic air remains in place over the region as we close out the work week.

Bitterly cold air poured into the region on a strong westerly wind Wednesday evening. Temperatures dropped from the lower 30s around dinntertime to the lower teens by midnight and ended up in the OF to 10F range by Thursday morning.

Readings only managed to rebound to the middle and upper 10s during the day and wind chill values hovered near 0F throughout the daylight hours of Thursday.

While it won’t be quite as brutal out there today, it will still be well below normal and an active breeze will make it feel worse. After starting the day between 10F and 15F, we can expect highs in the lower 20s this afternoon.

The good news is, dry weather / blue sky / sunshine will prevail throughout the day today and somewhat milder air will slowly but surely work into the region this weekend.

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