Tough Travel This Afternoon and Evening

Low pressure (and plenty of moisture moving along with it) is lifting northward into the Great Lakes and running into a very cold air mass over the Northeast and New England. The result is a large area of overrunning snow, sleet and ice…one that will give us a pretty nasty afternoon and evening and some tough travel for a time later today.

Here on the Cape we can expect precipitation – in the form of snow – to break out during early to mid afternoon (1 to 2PM)…beginning first on the southwest corner of the Cape out by Woods Hole…and then advancing rapidly eastward across the area. By 3 PM most, if not all of us, should see a steady snow falling.

Snow, likely falling at a moderate to heavy clip at times, will continue through the remainder of the afternoon hours…accumulating to 1 to 3 inches by sundown.

With very cold surface temperatures preceding the storm and steady snow falling, roadways will become snow covered and icy in short order. Folks traveling later today should anticipate low visibility and very poor road conditions. If you can avoid travel between 2 and 6PM, you’re better off.

Milder air punching northward in advance of the storm center will cause snow to transition to sleet during the evening hours…with milder air then bringing a switch to rain near or shortly after dinnertime. A steady wind-whipped rain will fall through the remainder of the night…with temperatures actually rising into the 40s.

The High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Model depiction of precipitation this afternoon gives a good idea of the onset and evolution of the storm:

Simulated Radar Imagery

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