Chilly First Half of the Week. Milder Weather Next Weekend

Colder than Normal Temperatures to Start the Week.

A cold front is cutting southward through New England today and will be followed by chilly Canadian high pressure for the next couple of days.

While it’s actually rather mild here this morning (readings mostly in the 40s), temperatures to our north are quite cold…with 10s and 20s widespread across Northern New England and 0s and 10s just over the border in Canada. This cold air mass is draining southward and will take hold of our weather tonight and linger through mid-week.

Anticipate a couple of cold days Tuesday and Wednesday with daytime temperatures struggling to get out of the 30s as north and northeast breezes funnel unseasonably cold air southward into the area. Overnight lows will be well down into the 20s Tuesday and Wednesday nights…yielding average conditions more similar to early February than late March.

Warmer Air Next Weekend

The good news? Cold high pressure will eventually shift to our south and east and a warmer, return flow of air will become established late in the week and into next weekend. This milder southerly flow of air should result in daytime temperatures getting into the 50s several days in a row and potentially passing the 60F mark in spots next weekend.

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