Cold Start But Sunny and a Bit Milder This Afternoon.

Clear Skies with High Pressure in Control for Another 24 Hours

Clear skies, light winds and dry air combined to yield another very chilly night around the area. Temperatures fell to the upper 10s to middle 20s across most of the Cape overnight (aside from a few spots right along the water’s edge)…resulting in a frosty, winter-like early morning.

However, a return flow of air is beginning to become established today on the backside of high pressure and that combined with plenty of strong March sunshine will yield a decent day around the area.

Expect temperatures to jump back through the 30s quickly this morning and for afternoon temperatures to reach well into the 40s…which is not far from the average for this time of year (right around 46F at Hyannis).

Temperatures shouldn’t be quite as cold tonight as a light southwest wind persists over the area and we should tack on a few more degrees to Thursday’s temperatures.

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