Snow to Heavy Rain Tonight

Snow fell throughout the day on Saturday and it didn’t taper off until overnight. Skies eventually cleared out late Saturday night and our Sunday has gotten off to a sunny, cold and quiet start and we can expect a fairly nice wintry day today with temperatures in the 30s and not a whole lot of wind to contend with. That said, our next weather system is right on our doorstep and will move in tonight.

Clouds will increase this afternoon and then lower and thicken this evening, with precipitation – likely in the form of snow – breaking out around the area between 8 and 10PM. Snow will increase in intensity thereafter, possibly falling heavily for a time as we get past midnight. However, as we push through the overnight hours, milder air – both at the surface and aloft – will start to punch northward into the area, causing a transition to sleet and rain, and eventually a complete switch to rain.

Before the transition to rain, some accumulation is anticipated around the area…with about an inch or so on the elbow of the Cape to as much as several inches a bit further north and west.

During the pre-dawn hours, rain is likely to fall quite heavily around the area and we could see some street flooding thanks to the combination of yesterday’s snow blocking storm drains, melting snow from tonight and localized downpours.

The only caveat to the forecast is the low probability threat that the punch of warmer air aloft is shunted south and east of the area, limiting the amount of sleet and rain that falls…which would obviously result in more snow fall than what is shown below.

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