Snowfall Forecast

Precipitation will overspread the area tonight – in the form of snow and sleet – and continue through a good chunk of the day on Saturday…tapering down during the second half of the day.

The snowfall forecast is fairly tricky for the Cape, as we will be flirting with warmer air here at the surface and higher in the sky…with temperatures attempting to climb above the freezing mark ( 0C/32F ) and flipping snow over to rain in spots…or minimally resulting in a very wet, perhaps non-accumulating snow at times. This will be particularly true right along the south side of the Cape and out near Harwichport and Chatham.

However, just a hair further north and west on the Cape, colder air…quite literally by just a degree or two…will attempt to hang on and will likely limit the amount of mixing that takes place and will result in a better chance for accumulating snow.

Consequently, there may be a fairly wide spread in snowfall totals…with accumulations of 3 to 6 inches on the far Upper Cape and perhaps on the far Outer Cape…but as little as a slushy 1 to 2 inches near Chatham.

Tough call. Here is the snowfall forecast:

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