Rock Bottom

It doesn’t get much worse than this in May.

Temperatures Sunday afternoon fell to the lower 40s with a steady, sometimes heavy, rain. Clouds ruled the day on Monday with readings in the 50s (which fell to the 40s late), a stiff east and northeast wind and afternoon showers. And today has dawned damp and cold with a gusty north wind. And as bad as it is locally, folks over interior New England – especially the higher terrain – have seen snow and sleet twice in the last couple of days…with some areas actually seeing some accumulation. This is pretty much as bad as it can get for the middle part of May.

Don’t anticipate much improvement through the day today as clouds will be tough to shake and intermittent drizzle, mist and spotty showers will only slowly abate over the course of the morning and afternoon. Temperatures are likely to hold in the 40s for most of the day…with near record cold high temperatures anticipated for much of Southern New England. If we’re lucky, we may see some slightly brighter skies at times this afternoon as deeper moisture tries to pull away from the area.

Drier air will eventually take over…slowly working its way into the area late today and tonight and that should allow for a better day on Wednesday. Expect to see at least partial sunshine through the day tomorrow and that, combined with less wind and temperatures in the middle and upper 50s, will make for a rather noticeable difference from today’s horrendous May weather.


  1. Looks like I’ll be following your weather for the next 4 weeks. 🙂 My wife and I are taking a two week trip through the New England states beginning the end of this month and we’ll be there through the 10th. We’re staying in a condo in West Yarmouth for 7 days and then heading up to Bar Harbor for a couple more, so we’ll be all over the coast and cape and we need some good weather for our outings! 🙂
    I do the same thing here (Atlanta) that you do there, and that’s how I found you… I follow your Twitter account. Mine is @daculaweather

    We plan on spending Sunday the 2nd exploring the Cape, if you have any great suggestions on thing to see/do/place to eat, let me know! 🙂

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