Cooler. Some Afternoon Wet Weather

Tuesday morning dawned clear and comfortable but skies are gradually clouding over in response to an approaching frontal zone. This weather boundary will approach the region from the west today and will bring continued increasing and thickening cloudiness through the morning hours, with skies generally turning overcast from late morning through midday.

Tuesday Morning Regional Radar

As we push into the afternoon, we can expect showers to push onto the Cape from the west, with a period of showers persisting from later this afternoon and into the evening hours.

A brief surge of moisture in the atmosphere combined with a tightening jet stream will likely yield a few pockets of heavier rain around the region and it’s possible we hear a rumble of thunder at some point this evening.

The shower activity will push offshore overnight, with cloud cover lingering into Wednesday morning. However, drier air will eventually win out and sunshine will return for our mid-week.

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