Isolated Afternoon Shower/Thunderstorm

Isolated Afternoon Shower / Thunderstorm

Several days of cooler than average temperatures mixed with multiple bouts of wet weather culminated in a chilly and damp day on Friday. Showers, downpours and pockets of mist and drizzle impacted the area throughout most of the day and temperatures held in the 60s. The ugly weather conditions came courtesy of a rather potent storm center (by summer standards) passing through the region. Thankfully, this feature is finally pulling east of the region (just in time for the weekend) and will yield to much better weather for the next couple of days.

Expect partly sunny skies today with temperatures rebounding into the 70s and for skies to turn mostly sunny on Sunday with readings making a run at 80F. Both days will feature low humidity and a refreshing offshore breeze.

The only potential downside to the weekend weather is the possibility for a couple of passing afternoon showers/thunderstorms around the area. A pocket of energy and cold air aloft rotating around the backside of yesterday’s storm center will combine with just enough moisture and instability in the atmosphere to produce a few pop-up afternoon showers around the region. A few of these could grow tall enough to yield some lightning/thunder and maybe some isolated small hail. The best opportunity for this activity will come after 4PM.

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