Back-to-back great June days…and perfectly placed on the weekend.

Expect another very nice day today with lots of sunshine, comfortable temperatures and low humidity. We should see just about 100 percent of the day’s possible sunshine and temperatures peaking in the lower to middle 70s. Readings will tend to fall back a few degrees over the course of the afternoon hours as light seabreezes develop.

If you plan to be out and about, use plenty of sunscreen as the sun is about as high in the sky as it gets and the dry air/lack of cloudiness/lack of haze will make the sun very strong.

The UV index forecast from the EPA today is a “9.” That is considered “Very High” and means you must take precautions to avoid damage to the skin from the sun. And remember, if you are near/on the water or sand, the impact can be increased as rays reflect off the surface.

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