Strong Winds

An ocean storm taking shape southeast of Cape Cod will become nearly-stationary for the next 36 to 48 hours, spinning in place about 150 to 175 miles from the region.

This storm system – which is in its infancy stages Wednesday morning – will organize and strengthen through the day today and into tonight…reaching its peak intensity on Thursday and Thursday night…and then slowly weaken through the day on Friday.

The combination of this low pressure center spinning in place to our southeast and a strong area of high pressure anchored to the north and east of New England will yield a tight(ening) pressure gradient over the area, resulting in a lengthy period of strong east and northeast winds.

As of 7AM Wednesday morning, northeast winds were already sustained at around 20 mph and gusting to 30 mph over the Outer Cape. As the storm gradually deepens through the day today and throughout tonight, these winds will further increase…eventually reaching sustained speeds of 25 to 40 mph by Thursday morning with frequent gusts over 40 mph anticipated with localized gusts to 50 to 55 mph developing. It’s probable that a few spots on the Cape record a wind gust to 60 mph during the peak of the event

These strong northeast winds will continue throughout the day on Thursday and into Thursday night. Windy conditions will persist through the day on Friday (gusts to 40 mph or better still possible) and only start to noticeably diminish as we push into the day on Saturday.

With most of the trees still green and thick with foliage, winds in excess of 40 to 45 mph will be capable of taking down limbs rather easily and gusts closer to 55 or 60 mph will likely result in some downed trees. Consequently, don’t be surprised if we see some scattered power disruptions around the Cape over the next 48 hours.

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