Brief Period of Snow Sunday Evening.

A large storm system over the nation’s heartland will press eastward through the weekend and into the start of next week, bringing plenty of wintry weather and associated travel woes to the eastern half of the nation.

For us here on the Cape, this upcoming weather system won’t be a big deal but it’ll serve as a reminder – perfectly timed with the flip of the calendar to December – that winter is upon us.

We can expect clouds to thicken up through the day on Sunday and for precipitation to break out around the area late in the day and into the evening hours. Initially, the atmosphere will be cold enough to support frozen precipitation (temperatures will hold in the upper 30s for most of the day) and as such we should see a period of wet snow at the onset of the storm…with maybe a coating to a slushy inch of accumulation around the area.

Snowfall Forecast

However, mild easterly winds will take hold quickly, bringing the episode of snow to a quick end as temperatures climb into the 40s. From that point forward, anticipate periods of wind-whipped rain and intermittent drizzle throughout Sunday night and into the day on Monday.

Colder air will attempt to work back into the area on the backside of the system Monday night and Tuesday morning, which could yield a transition back to a touch of frozen precipitation at the tail end of the storm.

As for off-Cape locations: odds for more impactful winter weather will go up the further north and west one is located…with the best bet of seeing a substantial snowfall (upwards of a foot) being the high elevations of central and western Massachusetts. To the south and east of there, snow amounts will be limited by a transition to sleet and freezing rain and even plain rain…location dependent.

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