Bit Damp. Turning Cooler.

Cloudy Skies, Light Rain, Cooler Temperatures

A weak wave of low pressure is passing through the region today and bringing with it an abundance of clouds and some off and on sprinkles and light rain.

While the clouds and damp conditions are disappointing in their own right (especially after such a nice weekend), the system is also bringing with it a wind shift to the east and northeast, which means cooler temperatures are settling in.

Initially, the wind shift to the northeast is becoming established to the north of our immediate area as low pressure cuts right over our heads. Temperatures have been falling in central, northern and northeastern parts of Massachusetts this morning as cold air bleeds south and westward. In fact, farther north…in Maine…snow is falling this morning with temperatures in the 20s and lower 30s. Here on the Cape, we have a bit of a southerly component to the wind today and will flirt with 50F this afternoon (if we’re lucky, we may dry out a bit for a time later today and enjoy a few hours of nicer weather?), before things take a turn for the worse.

The onshore wind will really take hold tonight and remain in place throughout the day Tuesday and into Wednesday. That northeast wind will funnel much colder air southward and into the region, yielding a couple of days of rather unpleasant weather. Temperatures will struggle to climb much during the daytime hours Tuesday and Wednesday – very likely leaving us in the lower and middle 40s both days. Our best hope for milder temperatures will be if the cloud deck manages to break apart to reveal some sunshine…which would likely tack on a couple of degrees to each afternoon.

Somewhat milder air will return for the second half of the week.

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