Pleasant Start…Cold, Damp Finish

Sunday dawned clear and quiet over the area…which led to a pleasant morning across the Cape. Temperatures in the lower and middle 40s at dawn jumped to the lower 50s by mid-morning and will creep up a bit more over the next couple of hours.

Unfortunately, the nice weather won’t last for long.

Visible satellite imagery shows a large area of cloud cover advancing quickly eastward and this cloud shield will advance our area during the late morning and midday hours…with skies becoming overcast quickly thereafter. This cloud shield is associated with a quick moving low pressure center that will pass south of our area later today and tonight.

As the low pressure center advances toward the area, showers will break out around the region during mid-afternoon (looks like 2 to 3PM based on current data) and transition to a steady, cold rain during second half of the afternoon.

Temperatures are likely to drop into the 40s and steady rain (maybe even a couple of brief downpours) will fall into the evening hours…tapering down after dinnertime.

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