Muuuuch Better…

Clouds and dreary conditions Monday morning transitioned to a rather nice afternoon with plenty of sunshine. While temperatures will still on the chilly side of things, it certainly looked and felt much better than our recent stretch of weather.

Yesterday’s clear skies led to a chilly night around the area last night, with temperatures falling back into the 30s. In fact, some spots picked up a light frost first thing this morning as readings settled to 32F to 35F under calm conditions.

Fortunately, a southwest breeze is kicking in and will quickly scour out the morning chill…and will lead us to a nice Tuesday around the area. Expect mostly sunny skies through most of the day, with just a bit of increasing cloudiness later this afternoon as a cold front approaches from the north and west (this frontal zone could bring us a shower or two tonight).

Temperatures will climb to near 60F for most of the area, though a busy southwest wind blowing in off the cool waters to our south will keep the immediate southern shores cooler and will tend to knock the temperature back a few degrees during the afternoon.

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