Messy Start to Tuesday

Cold air moving back into the region behind this weekend’s rainstorm is setting the stage for a period of wintry weather very late tonight into the first part of Tuesday.

An area of low pressure over the Tennessee River Valley region today will ride northeastward along a frontal zone draped from northeast to southwest across the eastern third of the nation. This wave of low pressure will move into the Mid-Atlantic states tonight and pass south of New England on Tuesday, sending an area moisture northward along with it.

Expect precipitation – in the form of snow – to advance relatively quickly into Southern New England overnight tonight, with light snow breaking out here on the Cape a bit after midnight (2 to 4AM). Snow will then fall steadily through the remainder of the nighttime hours…accumulating 1 to 2 inches by morning.

If we were a little deeper into the winter season, odds are we’d be looking at a modest snowstorm over the area tomorrow. However, this time of year it’s still relatively easy for milder air to win out at multiple levels of the atmosphere and as such we can expect a transition to sleet and rain and then plain rain fairly quickly Tuesday morning…after a general 1 to 3 inches of snowfall across the Cape.

Unlike our last couple of snow events which featured rain (and warm air and warm surfaces) transitioning to snow (colder air building in as the precipitation tapered off) and thus didn’t cause too many headaches on area roadways, this 1 to 3 inch snowfall will be a bit more “impactful” than our prior events. With snow developing at night with temperatures in the upper 20s and lower 30s, it’ll be easier for our local roadways and sidewalks to become slick and snow-covered. With that in mind, plan to take some extra time getting out and about Tuesday morning.

Whatever falls tonight and first thing in the morning will melt away over the course of the day as temperatures climb to the lower 40s and rain of varying intensity persists through a good chunk of the day.

It’s possible some lingering moisture will transition back to flurries and light snow Tuesday night as colder air builds back into the region.

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