Near Record Warmth

Our mild weather pattern resumes today (after a brief interruption over the last 36 hours) and will be punctuated by a couple of very mild days for early to mid January this weekend.

Southerly winds have taken hold this morning and are pumping warm air northward from the Gulf Coast States. This mild southerly flow of air will increase over the next 24 hours, sending near record warm temperatures northward into New England.

We can expect temperatures to peak near 50F today, to climb to 55 to 60F on Saturday and to peak near 60F on Sunday. While it’ll be a bit chillier along some of our south-facing shores thanks to a gusty south wind off of Nantucket Sound and Buzzards Bay, even there temperatures will climb into the 50s.

Record high temperatures at Hyannis (which officially has a short period of record only dating back to January 1998) for Saturday and Sunday are 55F and 54F respectively. It is quite likely that the records for both days are broken.

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