Gradual Drying

Saturday Morning Visible Satellite Image

Friday started sunny and mild and ended cloudy, breezy and cool as a backdoor cold front slid across the region…establishing a chilly, moist northeast flow of air into the area. That moist northeast flow yielded a few showers overnight and some pockets of mist, drizzle and fog, which lingered into this morning.

While dreary conditions are the rule this morning, when all is set and done we should manage to squeeze out an OK 4th of July holiday around the Cape. Drier air is slowly working its way southward and eastward across New England this morning and clear skies are taking hold over inland portions of the six state region. This dry air, in combination with the very strong early July sun, will start to erode the low level cloud deck as the day moves forward, yielding brighter skies as time goes on and likely some holes in the overcast and partial sunshine this afternoon.

So while it won’t be an overly warm and sunny 4th of July (temperatures topping out in the lower and middle 70s) at least we can expect to shake the misty, dreary morning conditions.

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