Beach Erosion / Coastal Flooding Tuesday

Astronomically high tides associated with the recent new moon, combined with Hurricane Teddy passing well east of the region, will bring us a bit of coastal flooding and some significant beach erosion Tuesday.

Strong northerly winds, very large waves propagating westward from Teddy, lowering surface pressures, and tides running near mean high high water, will result in areas of minor coastal flooding and most certainly some beach erosion around the area.

The tide of concern is the Tuesday afternoon high tide. A storm surge of up to 2 feet (slightly higher in parts of Cape Cod Bay) will drive water up into flood stage and yield a minor to moderate coastal flood event (what we might typically see with a strong wintertime noreaster).

Current data suggests a storm tide of 13.3 feet in Provincetown and 13.9 feet in Dennis (Cape Cod Bay). Both of these values are solidly considered a “minor” coastal flood event.

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