Turning Colder

December was another mild month around the area, with temperatures averaging about 3F above the long-term average. That trend has continued through the first half of January, as we’ve started the month with 14 of 15 days averaging out above “normal.” This weekend will assuredly add two more “mild” days to the books.

Looking ahead, there are signs that a colder / more winter-like / weather pattern will take hold for the second half of the month. A shuffling of the jet stream – mainly the building of a ridge of high pressure into the arctic – will cut off the supply of “mild” Pacific air over the nation and allow polar and arctic air to shift southward. This process is already underway and will start to become more noticeable locally as we push into the upcoming week.

While the arrival of colder air does not guarantee snow events, it certainly helps plant the seed for getting frozen precipitation here on the coast. It appears as though at or below average temperatures will dominate the weather for the next 2 weeks.

Computer model temperatures for the second half of January

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