Power Outages Likely Tonight

A rapidly deepening storm system will pinwheel northwestward from the ocean today and move very near to the Cape and Islands tonight, before wobbling southward Wednesday and eventually back out to sea. This storm center will yield a long period of strong northeast winds, beginning this afternoon and lingering into Wednesday night, with the worst of the weather moving over the area tonight.

HRRR Model Wind Gusts Tonight

As the storm pivots westward toward the Cape tonight it will bring with it a core of very strong northeast winds. This core of wind will rotate east to west across the Cape, producing frequent wind gusts between 50 and 60 mph and numerous gusts to 70 mph. In fact, parts of the Outer Cape could very well gust to 80 mph for a time tonight.

With most of our trees still completely green with foliage, winds of this strength will easily bring down limbs and trees around the area and we will almost certainly have power outages to deal with tonight and tomorrow.

Timeline: A busy, gusty onshore breeze this morning will slowly increase over the course of the morning hours and into midday, becoming a typically-strong northeast wind during the afternoon hours. As we push toward 3 or 4 pm, we should see some gusts to 40 mph developing around the area, which could lead to some minor power disruptions prior to dark. However, the meat of the storm comes after sundown. Conditions will go downhill rapidly as we approach dinnertime tonight and winds will howl thereafter. While there may be a bit of a lull in the wind after midnight in parts of the area, strong winds will continue through the nighttime hours. While the worst of the wind will come during a 6 to 10 hour block of time tonight, strong gusty northeast winds will linger throughout the day on Wednesday, causing additional issues and hampering power restoration efforts.

Here are some simple things you can do today to get ahead of this: secure things around your yard like patio furniture and yard decorations, make sure you have a flashlight with working (extra?) batteries, charge up your cellphone, fill up a cooler with ice, if you have a generator – make sure it’s working, if possible move your car away from trees.

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