Bit Humid Today…Some Rain Tonight

A warm, southwesterly flow of (summery) air established itself over the weekend, pushing temperatures into the lower 80s and bringing us a nice preview of the weeks and months ahead.

That southwesterly flow of air has carried increasingly muggy air northward into the region, resulting in dew point values in the middle to upper 60s (one of the first warm/humid stretches of summer weather we’ve had thus far). Fortunately – for those who don’t like the combination of heat/humidity – a cold front is approaching the region from the west and will pass through the area tonight, sweeping the moist air out to sea and bringing a return of dry, comfortable conditions for mid-week.

Along and ahead of that cold front, showers and thunderstorms are advancing eastward through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast and will approach our area later today and tonight.

Model guidance pushes some isolated/passing showers across the Cape this afternoon (a quick-moving shower) but the bulk of the wet weather should arrive within an hour or so either side of sundown. Showers and downpours will persist through the first half of the night, with activity pushing offshore after midnight. While we’re unlikely to get a true soaking rain out of this event, a good 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain is a fair bet.

Warm, sunny and much less humid weather returns Tuesday.