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Fog on GOES-16

The new GOES-16 satellite provides higher resolution imagery and thus does a great job picking up on smaller scale weather features. Early this morning, valley fog was showing up nicely over the interior of the Northeast. Note how the fog […]

Rainfall and Flooding Reports

Torrential rain moved across the Cape Friday afternoon, dumping several inches of rain in a very short period of time and causing areas of flooding – especially on the Mid and Upper Cape. The following are rainfall reports and flood […]

Rainfall Totals

Showers and embedded thunderstorms passed over the Cape Saturday morning, giving most of us a healthy dose of rain. While a general 1/2 inch of rain fell in most areas (lower amounts along the south side of the Cape near […]

Turbines on Radar

Radar doesn’t just detect rain and snow falling through the sky. Many “non-meteorological targets” show up on radar imagery…including birds, bats, swarms of insects and planes. This is particularly common in the early morning hours when a temperature inversion in […]

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Sunny, Hot, Not Quite as Humid

A west and northwest wind will prevail through most of the day today, helping to usher in a slightly less humid air mass to the region but ensuring another very warm day across the Cape. Expect plenty of sunshine through […]

Hot and Humid

Temperatures climbed into the lower and middle 80s on Wednesday but dew point values in the middle 70s made it feel awfully uncomfortable throughout the day. In fact, the soupy, tropical air was comparable to the Deep South for much […]


Soupy mid-summer air has descended upon the region and isn’t leaving anytime soon. A persistent southerly flow of air has taken over our weather and continues to feed warm and very moist air northward up the Eastern Seaboard. Dew point […]

Mostly Sunny, Warmer.

After a few days of unsettled weather and cooler than average temperatures, summer weather will get back on track today. Expect a good deal of sunshine through the day today, with just some building puffy clouds around here and there. […]

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Torrential Downpours Causing some Flooding in Spots

Very heavy rain is passing over the Cape, with 2 to 3.5″ per hour rainfall rates yielding pockets of street flooding in some areas. Check out the view from Falmouth: @NWSBoston Davis Straits easy Falmouth — Erick Coe (@Ecoe82) […]

Big Turn Around…

Downpours and thunder this morning will be pushing offshore shortly and skies will quickly clear from west to east across the Cape. So despite the gray, windy and wet start to the weekend, expect a much nicer afternoon with developing […]


A southerly flow of air originating in the tropics has sent our first wave of truly muggy air of the season into the region. Dew point values are in the 60s and lower 70s across Southern New England and will […]


Showers spilled onto the Cape late Friday afternoon and will continue to pass through the area through the nighttime hours. Model guidance shows the potential for some downpours overnight and we may hear a rumble of thunder.