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Another Dose

Another batch of heavy rain crossed the area overnight, depositing anywhere from 1/3 to 3/4 of an inch of additional rainfall on the area…yielding two days totals that passed 2 inches on parts of the Cape. Similar totals occurred throughout […]


Healthy Soaking

Round One of our two-part storm system moved through the area Tuesday afternoon and evening, bringing a steady – and sometimes moderate to heavy – rain to the region. Here on the Cape, the steady rain transitioned to wind-driven downpours […]

Courtesy NOAA

NOAA’s Winter Outlook

October 20, 2016 Forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center issued the U.S. Winter Outlook, saying that La Nina is expected to influence winter conditions this year. The Climate Prediction Center issued a La Nina watch this month, predicting the climate […]

GOES-R. Courtesy NOAA and NASA


November 19, 2016 GOES-R, the first of NOAA’s highly advanced geostationary weather satellites, lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 6:42 p.m. EST today. The satellite will boost the nation’s weather observation network and NOAA’s prediction capabilities, leading to more […]

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Winter Taking Hold

Temperatures through the first full week of December have been averaging a bit above normal (around 2F) around the area. Much of that “warmth” was due to the first couple of days of the month which were well above normal […]


Gray, Cool, Quiet

A weakening storm center shifting out-to-sea south of New England spread a shield of clouds and light precipitation into the region last night. Very light and spotty pockets of light snow, sleet and rain passed through Southern New England overnight […]


Much Colder Later This Week

For much of the fall, arctic air was locked on the other side of the globe, allowing us to enjoy a fairly mild season. While Siberia endured a frigid November, temperatures in the Lower 48 were very mild relative to […]

Radar Snapshot From First Thing This Morning.

Bit Messy This Morning

Temperatures topped out right around 40F Sunday afternoon and fell into the 20s overnight as clear skies and light winds allowed for a temperature free-fall in the evening. Clouds advanced overnight and temperatures gradually climbed back toward the freezing mark. […]

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Monday Morning Temperatures

Feels Like December

Temperatures are stuck in the 30s and will have a hard time climbing much today thanks to ongoing “cold air advection” and clouds moving in and out of the region.

Saturday Early Afternoon

Big Changes

A strong cold front is barreling eastward through the Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Northeast this afternoon…and is creating quite the contrast in weather! Check out the early afternoon visible satellite and temperatures from across the region. Readings are nearing 70F […]


Couple of Heavier Showers Around This Morning

A disturbance – a pocket of spin and cold air aloft – crossing southward over the area is producing some showers around the region this morning. A few of these showers have actually been rather heavy in spots, yielding a […]


Chilly…Still Gray

Clouds are proving tough to shake this afternoon as cold northerly winds continue to funnel southward over the region and produce ocean effect clouds. While the sun has popped out on the Upper Cape at times, and made a brief […]