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Rainfall Totals

Rain, drizzle and some passing downpours impacted the area throughout the day on Monday…depositing a general .5 to 1.0 inch of rain across the Cape. Monday’s wet weather, plus some additional precipitation that fell Sunday and Sunday night, yielded a […]

Wet Start to the Year Continues…

We are now solidly into April and the going weather theme of early 2018 continues – wet! Parts of the Cape have now recorded over 24 inches of precipitation since January 1st…with a widespread 22-24 inches across the Mid and […]

Officially a “Blizzard”

The early week coastal storm…that left anywhere from 8-10 inches of snow on a good chunk of the Cape, but upwards of 14 to 15″ near the Canal…was officially designated as a “blizzard” by the National Weather Service. In fact, […]

Adding On Some More

Not only did Friday and Saturday’s powerful coastal storm bring 90 mph wind gusts to the area, it also brought widespread 3 to 4 inch rainfall totals to the Cape. This continues our remarkable run of wet weather since the […]

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Extended Period of Drier Weather

Thursday’s cloudy and damp conditions, combined with daytime temperatures hovering in the upper 30s and lower 40s, seemingly put an exclamation mark on our long run of ugly weather. Temperatures have been averaging out well below normal and at least […]

Dry Today. Cool and Damp Thursday

Cooler than average April weather continues today and will persist through the remainder of the week. In fact, temperatures are likely to remain at or below normal right through the weekend. As it looks right now, our next opportunity for […]

Even Worse than Yesterday

We managed one nice day out of the 3-day holiday weekend as Saturday featured lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s. Sadly, a strong backdoor cold front put an end to the pleasant early weekend conditions as clouds filled […]

Huge Changes in a Short Time

A strong backdoor cold front, driven south and westward by advancing (very) cold air associated with a large Canadian high pressure situated over James Bay, is sliding through the Northeast and New England today and will be positioned well south […]

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Heavy Rain and Some Thunder

Off and on rain, with some embedded elements of heavier rain, have been passing through the region for the better part of the last 24 hours now. However, as of late Sunday afternoon, downpours and even some lightning and thunder […]

Ocean Effect Snows Continue

Bitterly cold arctic air over the region is moving across the relatively “mild” ocean waters and producing clouds and snow showers and snow squalls. While the sun is shining across just about all of New England…and even on the Mid […]


Midday temperatures are stuck in the middle and upper 40s…and northeast winds are still gusting to 20 to 30 mph. That, plus a persistent deck of clouds over the region, is making for a very November-like look and feel to […]

Winds Increase

While Jose is slowly weakening and pulling eastward and away from the area tonight, the worst of the storm is yet to come here on the Cape. After wobbling eastward tonight, Jose is expected to stall on Thursday and gradually […]