Hi: 53°F
Sunday: Cloud cover / damp dreary conditions persisting. If we’re lucky, things will dry out a bit during the second half of the day and maybe skies will brighten a bit. Chilly temperatures as northeast winds continue. Highs only 50 to 55F.

Lo: 50°F
Sunday Night: Cloudy skies hanging on. Still some mist and drizzle around. Temperatures near 50F.

Hi: 62°F
Lo: 50°F
Monday: Cloud cover will slowly give way to improving conditions as onshore flow finally relaxes and drier air starts to work its way into the region. Highs in the lower 60s.

Hi: 70°F
Lo: 55°F
Tuesday: Big shift. Mostly sunny. Milder. Breezy. Highs upper 60s and lower 70s.

Hi: 74°F
Lo: 55°F
Wednesday: Partly to mostly sunny. Warm. Highs 70 to 75F.

Hi: 71°F
Lo: 52°F
Thursday: Sunshine giving way to a bit more in the way of cloud cover during the afternoon. Maybe a shower / rumble of thunder late in the day or at night. Highs near 70F.

Hi: 73°F
Lo: 51°F
Friday: Mostly sunny. Pleasant/warm. Highs 70 to 75F.

Hi: 68°F
Lo: 50°F
Saturday: Looking good. Mostly sunny. Highs 65 to 70F.