4:30PM Sunset

Well, daylight saving time has come to an end. Winter is upon us. Thankfully, we still get to enjoy some decent weather this time of year and today is no exception.

Expect a quiet Sunday with seasonable temperatures and a fair amount of sunshine, mixed with some episodes of cloud cover. That general theme is picked up well in this morning’s visible satellite image, which shows a mix of clear skies and passing areas of cloud cover spread across the Northeast.

The thicker band of clouds located over central parts of New England is associated with an approaching cold front. That frontal zone will pass through dry but will shift winds to the north and eventually east and usher in a brieft stint of cooler air tonight and Monday. After nearing 60F this afternoon, readings will be closer to 50F on Monday. The average high for November 5th is 57F.

With the ending of daylight saving time, the sunset today is at 4:30PM. Civil twilight is 4:30-5:00PM…meaning it’ll be dark well before dinnertime. Sunsets will continue to get earlier – at a rate of a little less than 1 minute per day – through the end of the month (the sunset on November 30th is 4:11PM). We bottom out at ~4:10PM in the first two weeks of December.