Storm Recap

Monday was a pretty wild weather day around the Northeast, with strong winds, heavy rain, pockets of coastal flooding and areas of river flooding. In fact, parts of Northern New England witnessed substantial flash flooding as heavy rain combined with snow melt to send numerous rivers out of their banks.

Here on the Cape, while it was a nasty day, all-in-all we faired quite well. Winds were certainly strong throughout the day and into the first part of last night, gusting over 50 mph for an extended period of time with numerous midday gusts over 60 mph recorded. Barnstable airport recorded a wind gust to 63 mph. As expected, we had some pockets of limb and tree damage and some scattered power outages. Rainfall was generally between .75″ and 1.5″.

To our west, another big rain event unfolded – with numerous reports of 2-5″ of rainfall…putting seven day totals at 8 to 10 inches for some communities. Not surprisingly, numerous rivers are nearing and passing flood stage across Southern New England today.