Seasonably Mild

Despite the passage of a strong low pressure center and its associated cold front yesterday, temperatures across the region are quite mild this morning (by January standards). Readings throughout much of Southern New England are sitting around 40F to start the day – which is well above average (average nighttime lows this time of year are in the middle 20s here on the Cape and in the upper 10s and lower 20s across a good chunk of the region).

While the mild start doesn’t signal a balmy day today as cooler air is trying to build into the area, it will certainly be a mild day for this time of year with readings in the middle to perhaps upper 40s this afternoon. A gusty west wind will offset the mild air to some degree, but things can certainly be worse!

We’ll squeeze in another seasonably mild day tomorrow before our next weather-maker arrives Friday night and Saturday, posied to bring us more soaking rains, more strong winds and areas of coastal flooding.