Rain and Wind

Yesterday’s mild, April-like weather has been replaced by a rather nasty period of weather.

A strong storm system and an accompanying arctic front is pushing across the eastern half of the lower 48 states today and will race eastward into and through New England this afternoon and tonight. This storm will bring us a lenghty period of rain and plenty of strong wind.

Rainfall pushed into the area overnight and will continue off and on through the day today and into the first half of tonight. As of 6AM this morning, rainfall amounts were already passing 1/2 inch in many spots and precipitation will continue for the next 12 to 18 hours. By the time the rain is wrapping up (which may include a few snowflakes at the very tail end), most of the Cape is likely to have picked up between 1 and 2 inches of rain.

Winds will be strong throughout the day today, into tonight, and right through the day on Thursday. Some wind gusts over 50 mph are likely at times, which will bring down some limbs here and there and could result in a few power disruptions.

In addition to the rain and wind, the passage of the arctic front tonight will lead to an abrupt temperature drop, with readings falling from the lower and middle 50s tonight to the lower 30s by morning – with much of that drop happening in very short order around midnight.