Rain and Wind Tonight

Clouds have already returned (they were slower to leave and faster to return than I thought) and another round of wet weather is not too far behind. Thankfully, this is the last in our week-long series of rain-makers and the timing is such that we will squeeze out dry weather for most of the daylight hours of the weekend…as the majority of the rain falls tonight.

This system will be a quick-hitter with a 6 to 10 hour window for rain coming from late this evening until first thing Sunday morning. We should see a solid 1/2 to 1 inch of rain during that time frame (expect some downpours) and that, combined with a strong southeast wind will make for some pretty nasty conditions if you are – for whatever odd reason – out and about during the pre-dawn hours.

Rain will shift offshore Sunday morning and much drier air will push into the area on strong gusty northwest winds. Some pockets of coastal flooding and beach erosion are expected near the midday high tide, as tides are running very high with the new moon.