November at a Glance

October has come and gone and today is November 1st – day 305 of 2023. Only 2 months left in the calendar year.

November continues the Fall stepdown from summer to winter. The sun angle continues to lower in the sky and of course sunsets continue to get earlier. In fact, by the last day of the month, the sun dips beneath the horizon at a depressing 4:12 PM.

Corresponding to the increasing darkness, temperatures continue to drop off over the passage of November. We lose almost 10F on the average daily high temperature from November 1st (58F) to November 30th (49F) and similarly nighttime low temperatures fall off from an average of 41F to a chilly 34F by month’s end.

Precipitation – which over the course of November can sometimes include snow – averages 4.13 inches.