Pockets of Frost Expected

A cold air mass built into the region yesterday (accompanied by some snow over the higher terrain of northern Connecticut and central and western parts of Massachusetts) and will remain in place through the day today and into tonight.

While most of Southern New England dipped into the 20s and lower 30s last night, bringing an abrupt end to the growing season, a light northerly wind persisted across most of the Cape overnight, preventing the temperatures from free-falling. Most of our area will start the day in the 35 to 40F range (a few neighborhoods on the Upper Cape where the wind went calm managed to drop to 30 to 32F) and will have avoided a killing frost. Tonight we shouldn’t be as fortunate.

While sunshine will prevail today, it’ll be a chilly early November day with temperatures holding in the 40s.With high pressure cresting over the region this afternoon and slipping offshore tonight, light winds and clear skies are expected as the sun heads down this evening and those conditions should persist through a good chunk of the overnight period. As a result, temperatures should fall quickly into the 30s this evening and head toward the freezing mark overnight. By early Friday morning, the expectation is that most of the Cape will have dipped lower enough to produce our first widespread frost.