A Look at February

We are more than half way through meteorological winter – though we get an extra day this year thanks to the Leap Year. As we push through the month of February, temperatures begin their annual climb out of winter. The “average” high temperature on February 1st is 40F…by the end of the month that number stands at 43F. The biggest difference with respect to December and January is a notable increase in daylight. By the end of the month, the sun is setting at 5:30PM, civil twilight ends at 5:58PM and total daylight is 11:14 minutes. By comparison, in the middle of December, total daylight is just 9 hours and 9 minutes.

February averages out to be drier than January but of course, some of our biggest winter storms have historically come in the month of February.

Here are the February climate / almanac stats for Hyannis:

Average High 2/1: 40F
Average Low 2/1:24F
Average High 2/28:43F
Average Low 2/28:27F
Average Precipitation:3.17″
Sunrise 2/1:6:53 AM
Sunset 2/1:4:56 PM
Sunrise 2/29:6:16 AM
Sunset 2/29:5:31 PM