Touch Milder…Still Waiting for a Truly Sunny Day

Gray skies have certainly been common in recent weeks. We did manage a few hours of clear skies and sunshine around parts of the Cape on Tuesday but overall it’s been a dreary stretch of weather. It’s been chilly too, with daytime temps holding in the 30s over the last several days.

Thursday will feature more of the same – that is, an abundance of cloud cover around the region – but slightly milder temperatures (as shown in the computer generated hourly forecast above). Southwest winds kicked in overnight and will continue through the day today. That southwest wind is transporting a small bubble of warmer air into the area, which will send temperatures into the lower to middle 40s this afternoon.

If you’re looking for sunshine… drier air and better atmospheric mixing will develop over the area in the coming days, which should increase our chances of breaking out into blue sky. However, winds will predominantly be from the north and northeast (after today) over the coming 5 days, which always increases the risk for low level moisture (clouds) coming in off the ocean.